TA Resource Catalog

This catalog includes all TA products, including training recordings and written products, developed by the COVID-19 Health Equity TA Collaborative for OT21-2103 grant recipients. It will be updated as new products are developed during the grant cycle.

Beyond The Journal Article

This interactive workshop, hosted by NNPHI, featured Dr. Rachael Lussos from Graham Associates, who provided tips for communicating about best practices, lessons learned, or other insights in venues other than peer-reviewed journal articles.  This workshop, recorded on July 20, 2023, is intended for OT21-2103 recipients at state, local, US territorial and freely associated state health departments, as well as public health partners such as community-based organizations, evaluators, practitioners, and public health institutes that were part of the OT21-2103 initiative. During the workshop, attendees learn and practice techniques on the following topics:  Deciding to publish in other venues  Choosing a type of venue  Analyzing the audience and purpose of a nontraditional publication  Editing to reach nonacademic audiences  Using Plain Language The presentation slides can be found here.

Los Determinantes Sociales de la Salud en la Población de Hispananos

l contenido de este curso busca abordar los determinantes sociales de la salud en la población hispana de Estados Unidos y Puerto Rico para alcanzar la equidad en salud. También, brinda especial énfasis en conocer los efectos de la pandemia del COVID-19 como detonante en disparidades de la salud y afecciones de la salud mental en la población. | The content of this course seeks to address the social determinants of health in the Hispanic population of the United States and Puerto Rico to achieve health equity. It also places special emphasis on knowing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic as a trigger on health disparities and mental health conditions in the population. [En Español]

Health Literary Series – Session III

Through this three-part series, hosted by NNPHI, Dr. Lindsay Rosenfeld presents on health literacy and its related assessments. In Session III: Removing Structural Barriers: How can we make it easier for people to access, navigate and use health and health-related services?, recorded on June 15, 2023, focus is given to environment assessment.  The content explores various types of environment assessment (e.g., physical spaces, online spaces, navigation, and processes). Here are the session slides and transcripts.

Health Literary Series – Session II

Through this three-part series, hosted by NNPHI, Dr. Lindsay Rosenfeld presents on health literacy and its related assessments. In Session II: Removing Barriers to Information: How can we make it easier for people to find, understand, and use health information?, from June 8, 2023, particular focus was given to information assessment. In this session, learn how to develop capacity that can implement immediately and over time, on your own or with your team or programs.  Here are the slides and transcripts.

Health Literacy Webinar Series – Session I

Through this three-part series, hosted by NNPHI, Dr. Lindsay Rosenfeld presents on health literacy and its related assessments. In Session I: Removing Barriers: Organizational Health Literacy as a Tool for Health Equity, from June 1, 2023, health literacy, specifically organizational health literacy as defined by Healthy People 2030, was discussed, and various aspects of applying a health literacy lens to work in departments of health was explored. Additionally, this session has content for developing capacity that can be implemented immediately and over time, on your own, or with your team and programs. Here are the session slides and transcripts

Shift Your Power: Advancing from Transactional Practices to Transformational Progress

“Shift Your Power: Advancing from Transactional Practices to Progress” is a guided series, recorded between February 21- March 14, and hosted by NNPHI and dedicated team of COVID-19 Health Equity Project ECHO consultants. This four-part series is designed to inspire participants to reevaluate, reallocate and reimagine power to focus on the mission, vision, and alignment of the those most impacted by historic and current power imbalance. Access all sessions here: Session 1: Gather Your People: Reinforcing Relational Infrastructure for Equity in Action Session 2: Knowledge is Power: Examining the Systemic Throughline from Root to Reality Session 3: Power in People: Mitigating Performance to Expand Possibilities and Potential Session 4: Power on Purpose: Strategies for Engaging Community Leadership with Intention 

Clear & Compelling Abstracts: A Writing Webinar for OT21-2103 Participants

This workshop, hosted by NNPHI, featured Dr. Rachael Lussos from Graham Associates who provided resources on writing clear and compelling abstracts for the American Journal of Public Health’s “Lesson’s Learned from CDC’s National Initiative to Address Covid-19 Health Disparities Among Populations at High-risk and Underserved” supplement issue. In this recording from April 2023, Dr. Lussos used analysis techniques to ensure recipients’ abstract scopes are relevant to the supplement’s purpose and the journal’s audience. Attendees reviewed the five parts of an abstract, and a copy of the slides can be found here.

LGBTQIA+ Best Practices Virtual Learning & Conversation Series: Vaccines and Mitigating Spread of Monkey Pox with Lessons Learned from COVID-19

This webinar, recorded on November 30th, 2022, is the first of a four-part LGBTQIA+ focused series hosted by the Texas Health Institute. The first session’s content centered on identifying the current state of Monkey Pox strategies to mitigate its spread using lessons learned from COVID19.

Public Health Departments Contracting with Community-based Organizations to Implement Community Health Worker Programs

This toolkit is for health department staff who are pursuing contracts with Community Based Organizations (CBOs) to implement Community Health Workers (CHW) programs. Developed by the National Association of Community Health Workers (NACHW) in partnership with the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO), this resource provides tips for hiring, training, and building CHW career pathways through your contracts.

Using Open-Source Data and Mapping to Understand Rural Community and Special Population Needs

This webinar, created Public Health Alliance of Southern California and the Public Health Institute’s Center for Wellness and Nutrition on December 12, 2022, is the fourth of a four-part series on data equity. This webinar discussed barriers and proposed solutions for using data in addressing health inequities in rural populations.

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