TA Resource Catalog

This catalog includes all TA products, including training recordings and written products, developed by the COVID-19 Health Equity TA Collaborative for OT21-2103 grant recipients. It will be updated as new products are developed during the grant cycle.

ASTHO’s How-to Guide: Engaging Island Jurisdiction Partners

This how-to guide provides steps, tips, and templates for developing and maintaining effective partnerships within island health agencies. The resource combines methods from evidence based strategies (i.e., collective impact and technology of participation) to support effective partnerships, a key pillar of the CDC’s OT21-2103 project.

Public-Private Partnerships to Sustain and Build Capacity

This on-demand webinar, recorded from June 24, 2022, featured case studies from three partnerships between health departments and public health institutes (the Louisiana Public Health Institute, the Institute for Public Health Innovation, and the Georgia Health Policy Center). Each organization discussed how these partnerships allowed public health systems to nimbly expand public health workforce capacity, equitably distribute funds to community-based organizations, and efficiently build community capacity to address emergent needs.

National Association of Community Health Workers (NACHW) Landscape Analysis

This resource includes data and stories on the roles of CHWs in the COVID-19 pandemic response, including filling service and care gaps, addressing vaccine hesitancy and mistrust, and providing resources and social services to address social determinants of health. The analysis also includes a list of recommendations for states who wish to support CHWs and integrate their services into new or existing systems.

Partnerships in Community Health Improvement

In this session, recorded on June 15, 2022, participants learned about and discussed the importance of partnerships, and practice using the Community Health Improvement Matrix, a tool to address the social determinants of health through CHI. To access the worksheets used for this workshop, please visit our NACCHO Virtual Community for OT21-2103 Grantees under the ‘Library’ tab. For questions accessing the virtual community, please email Brianna Aldridge (baldridge@naccho.org). Community Health Improvement Matrix: https://www.naccho.org/uploads/downloadable-resources/CHIM.pdf

Adaptive Leadership Workshop 3: Courageous Conversations

This workshop recording from May 23, 2022 explored the Courageous Conversations model and shared how this conversation methodology can help planning for and having difficult conversations that are needed to make progress on an adaptive challenge. To access the worksheets used for this workshop, please visit our NACCHO Virtual Community for OT21-2103 Grantees under the ‘Library’ tab. For questions accessing the virtual community, please email Brianna Aldridge (baldridge@naccho.org).

Community Health Improvement Basics

This training recording from May 18, 2022 featured NACCHO’s framework for community health improvement, “Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP),” a widely used community-driven strategic planning process to improve population health. The first session in this three-session series described the components of a community health improvement process.

Measures of Food & Nutrition Insecurity Rates

This resource summarizes common measures and data sources on food insecurity, methods of data collection used by municipalities, survey instruments, and novel approaches to mitigate food insecurity.

Learning and Listening Session: Defining the Role of CHWs to Address Health Disparities

This learning and listening session recording from May 5, 2022 included a presentation on how COVID-19 and the current landscape highlights how critical community health workers (CHWs) are in addressing health disparities. The session also highlighted bright spot examples of the organization’s engagement with CHWs and technical assistance offerings.

Learning and Listening Session: Building a Culture of Continuous Improvement to Advance Health Equity

This learning and listening session recording from April 28, 2022 shared best practices in public health and equity within quality improvement, public health accreditation, and the essential public health services model. Additionally, the session focused on providing insight into how a systems planning approach (including development and use of a state health assessment, state health improvement plan, and strategic plan) is critical to achieve equity and an adjustment to change. (The password to access this recording is C4$1W9Nh)

Learning and Listening Session: Opportunity to Expand Public Health Data Systems Through Coordinated & Equity-Centered Approaches

This learning and listening session recording from April 21, 2022 included a presentation on the Recommendations from the National Commission to Transform Public Health Data Systems and a discussion of data modernization and standardization strategies that can best position public health practitioners to address health disparities.

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