TA Resource Catalog

This catalog includes all TA products, including training recordings and written products, developed by the COVID-19 Health Equity TA Collaborative for OT21-2103 grant recipients. It will be updated as new products are developed during the grant cycle.

Adaptive Leadership Workshop 1: Introduction to Adaptive Leadership

This workshop recording from March 31, 2022 focused on key definitions, distinction between adaptive challenges and technical challenges, elements of an adaptive challenge, and Stakeholder Analysis using values, loyalties, and losses framework.

Adaptive Leadership Workshop 2: Stakeholder Analysis: Values, Loyalties, and Losses (VLL)

This workshop recording from April 28, 2022 focused on defining various stakeholders in your work, identifying the values, loyalties, and losses associated with the adaptive challenge, and distinguishing stakeholders to develop more empathetic understanding and collaboration on an adaptive challenge. To access the worksheets used for this workshop, please visit our NACCHO Virtual Community for OT21-2103 Grantees under the ‘Library’ tab. For questions accessing the virtual community, please email Brianna Aldridge (baldridge@naccho.org).

Learning and Listening Session: Support to Establish a Culture of Health Equity

This learning and listening session recording from April 7, 2022 included a presentation from Human Impact Partners introducing state and territorial health agencies to its approach in planning and implementing internal and external practices and policies to advance health equity with racial justice and power-building lens. The session also introduced the role of organizational culture and relationship-building play in this work as part of its framework.

Listening and Learning Session: Rural Health Equity: Leveraging Your State Office of Rural Health

This learning and listening session recording from April 14, 2022, included a presentation from National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health focused on how state public health agencies can partner with and leverage the expertise of their state offices.

Training Recording: Health Equity 101

This training recording from January 24, 2022, included a presentation and discussion on health equity and social justice principles, key concepts, and applications.

Resource Guide: Best Practices for Uninsured and Medicaid Populations on Connecting to Health Care and COVID-19 Vaccination

This resource guide features best practices for increasing insurance coverage among refugees, immigrants, Black people, Indigenous populations, and people of color and best practices for increasing vaccination rates among Medicaid enrollees.

OT21-2103 Virtual Community Discussion Board (VCDB)

This virtual community discussion board will serve as a resource repository and peer sharing platform for OT21-2103 grant recipients. Both grant recipients and NACCHO staff will be able to share information about various health equity topics and related content, allowing for an open forum to communicate with one another on a regular basis. VCDB launched Monday, April 25, 2022 and all OT21-2103 recipients have been invited to join this online group. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Brianna Aldridge, NACCHO’s Health Equity Program Analyst, at baldridge@naccho.org.

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